Keepsake Edition
The Groundling; The groundlings were the common folk who paid a penny to stand by the stage in Shakespeare's day. The Groundling magazine is a regional events magazine that doubles as a "Playbill" program for events, whether theatrical or any other event.Starting out as a magzine for arts organizations,and other non profits that may not be able to afford high quality programs for their events. .Soon it will also be published as a bi-monthly regional entertainment guide as well as a program for your events.. Currently located in the northern Illinois & Chicago area we will soon be branching into Wisconsin. We can set you and your organization up with a Groundling anywhere in the USA. The publication contains regional events, calenders, art gallery, museum, theatre and restaurant information, maps to areas of interest, and articles on regional events and personalities. It comes in two sizes, the standard "Playbill" size and a larger keepsake 8 1/2 X 11 size. When used as a playbill/event program it also contains production artwork, cast bio's w/pictures, crew, directors notes etc. Anything you need to aid your event. There can even be funds raised for your organization by selling ads and getting a percentage of the revenue. Just contact us and we can forward information on fundraising opportunities to you as well as copies of The Groundling. The program is free to school, community arts organizations and events. Just email us at if you are interested in The Groundling or just have questions about the publication. It makes a wonderful keepsake for your event. We also offer keepsake photos of your events and other fundraising opportunity's. Just contact us and we can tell you all about it.
Standard "Playbill" size